Performance Seminar Wolverhampton

Sunday 24th September 2017
10.00am to 1.00pm
Wombourne, Wolverhampton

95% of the population at any one time are actually in a ‘fear’ state and are therefore unable to perform at their best. They are ‘stressed’ and this will eventually (may be a few years) result in physical symptoms/disease. This seminar is all about how to be in the more empowering state where the 5% live. The good news is that by using the Mel Eves system you will be fully equipped to perform to your true potential, whether that be on the field, in the office or at home.. This seminar is for you if you are fed up of being fed up. However in most cases it only takes a tweak, a ‘ah ah’ moment , which everyone attending the previous seminars has experienced, to propel you towards achieving your desired outcome. You will learn how to get ‘In Flow’ or ‘In The Zone’ with practical techniques which are proven to get Results.

The investment in yourself is just  £27 as long as you take Action before 10th September ( Early Bird Price). After that it is still only

£47 (Regular Price) – unbelievable value for the life-changing experience people get from attending.

Registration from 9.30am start at 10.00am finish 1.00pm.

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