Premier Christian Radio

Premier Christian Radio is the largest Christian broadcaster in the UK and is available on national DAB radio, Freeview channel 725 and online. With over 600,000 weekly listeners – equating to 1 million different listeners per month – we have a large reach across the whole range of Christian traditions.

Whilst we have a nationwide remit, as we are committed to ensuring strong nationwide connections, we do have a Midlands and Wales office, based near Birmingham, which ensures we are well connected in the region.

If you, a business contact, client or customer, have a connection to any Christian community, please do connect them with Andy Haynes as he would like to discuss how we could work with them to promote awareness of Premier across the region. This is a safe referral to make because if they are connected to a Christian community, then they already understand the message that we broadcast.

Should you or any of your business connections wish to discuss how you could reach a national, discerning, targeted audience through our radio and other media channels, we have a range of good value and very effective opportunities available – please contact Andy Haynes to discuss.

Premier Christian Media Group ( are the leaders in Christian communication and are the largest organisation of our type in the UK. We are comprised of a number of high-quality and cutting-edge radio stations, printed/online media and other resources, as follows:

Premier’s Mission – To enable people to put their faith at the heart of daily life and to bring Christ to their communities.

Radio Stations:
Premier Christian Radio –
Premier Gospel –

Premier Christianity –
Premier Youthwork –
Premier Childrenswork –
Premier Voice of Hope –

Premier Mind and Soul –
Premier Lifeline –
Premier Digital –

Testimonial :
I have been attending GF4B for over 5 years now. I regularly attend the Walsall and Derby meetings. Whilst being an informal networking group, it is professionally run and those attending approach the networking with interest and passion. I have developed some very strong connections with individuals in the groups, and, importantly, I have also secured business, both directly with individuals who attend, but most valuably with others within attendees' networks. I find GF4B network meetings far more effective than other referral, counting/value of business passed, high pressure, membership-type networking groups. GF4B really is very good value for money.