Corten Editorial

My name is Lindsay Corten and I am a copy-editor and proofreader, specialising in business related written content, based in Burton-On-Trent.

No matter how eloquent your English, how poetic your prose or how graceful your grammar, it’s still all too easy to end up with a typo in the middle of your sentence.

Even if your written English is of a high standard, it is always more difficult to spot mistakes in something you have written yourself than it is for someone else, with the right skills, checking it for you. Let me be your fresh pair of eyes and help you to present a professional image to your potential and existing customers, or even your own staff, by providing a service that will improve your written communication and documents.

I can assist you with many types of written content, including: website content (text), brochures/marketing materials, reports, presentations, training manuals, bid proposals, business requirements documents, letters/emails, restaurant menus or any other business documents you can think of!

I generally work in either MS Word or PDF (changes marked only, not made – suitable for flyers, brochures, etc.), but I am also able to handle other document formats such as MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, emails or even good old-fashioned paper. I primarily work in British English, but also have some experience working in US English and even Australian English. I also seem to be inadvertently specialising in copy-editing content that was written by someone whose first language is not English.

You may not realise how useful a professional proofreader can be until after you’ve used one!