Extended Offer to Members

Howard Thomas is keen that Gone Fishing members and their families do not miss out on the exceptionally low interest rates which are available at the moment.  Two year fixed rates are available from about 1.0% per annum, there are three, five and seven year fixes and even 10 year rates can be as little as 1.50%.  The current price of money offers homeowners an unprecedented opportunity to stabilize what is usually their largest single monthly commitment.

As a completely independent broker, Howard has access to these exceptional terms and is offering Gone Fishing members and their families a free assessment of their likely savings on any existing mortgage.  If it appears to be worthwhile to remortgage Howard will process the application for a nominal sum and waive his normal success fee.

This offer has now been extended indefinitely but the interest rates may vary.  You can contact Howard on 01332 345566 or ht@howardthomas.co.uk